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Knoxville’s Signature Lawn Care Program

What would you do to have one of the best-kept lawns in the neighborhood? With our signature Fertilome Signature Lawn Program, it won’t take much. At Mayo Garden Center, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers care for their gardens and lawns without excessive time or costs. Our Fertilome Signature Lawn Program will allow you to tend and care for your lawns throughout the year. We offer four slow-release fertilizers in large-quantity bags that can be used for yards of almost any size—just use one bag for each season. Don’t have a decent storage spot for your seasonal bags? We can store them for you! Our team of garden care experts can guide you on how best to apply the fertilizers and ensure you see the best possible results. Call us today for more information!

Step 1: Prevention and fuel

The first step of the Fertilome Signature Lawn Program takes place in early spring, from February to May. Fertilome’s crabgrass preventer plus lawn food mix will slowly release fertilizer into your soil while preventing unwanted crabgrass and broadleaf seeds from germinating. This is an important first step in establishing your lawn’s health and well-being throughout the rest of the year. We offer the step one bag for a low price, but as a packaged program you’ll save even more. All four bags to cover areas up to 5,000 square feet are only $139.46 (a 20% savings off individual purchasing) and all four bags to cover areas up to 10,000 square feet are $235.76 (also a 20% savings off individual purchasing). We trust Fertilome when it comes to quality lawn care solutions, and you’ll love the results you see. Contact us today.


Step 2: Fertilizer and weed removal

The second step of the Fertilome Signature Lawn Program takes place in spring, from March to May, and focuses on killing weeds like dandelions, clover, and chickweeds while continuing to release needed nutrients into the soil slowly. This part of the program will continue to strengthen your lawn from weeds and create a healthy-looking lawn. Our Fertilome Signature Lawn Program works with almost all grass types, and we’ve heard outstanding reviews from many happy homeowners throughout the years. At Mayo Garden Center, we’re proud to offer quality lawn and garden care products you can rely on, and we’ll ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

Step 3: Lawn food and minerals

Step three occurs in the summer months of July to September. This part of the program entails feeding your lawn chelated iron and nitrogen to encourage faster greening and long-term growth. As with all prior parts of the program, we sell this step’s package in both 5,000 square foot and 10,000 square foot varieties. When bought as a package program, you’ll save over 20% on individual costs. We’re proud to offer comprehensive lawn and garden care solutions, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Are you looking for essential power equipment to keep that grass trimmed and even? We provide all the top-brand manufacturer mowers and trimmers, and we’ll ensure you get them at a cost-effective price.

Step 4: New Lawn Starter Fertilizer

The final step of the Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer 9-13-7 helps get your new lawn off to a great start by helping your grass grow healthy root systems more rapidly which lets your lawn grow in quicker and greener. The best time to apply the Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer in the fall months of September through November as you seed your lawn or immediately afterward. Despite many misconceptions to the contrary, fall is the time to lay grass seed—not spring. In spring and summer, weeds and insects tend to take over lawn patches and are then eradicated by lawn treatment. In addition, the long, hot days of summer give germinating grass seed little opportunity to sprout and thrive. When applied in the fall, Ferti-lome’s package will improve your lawn’s root system and prepare the soil for next year’s growth. Contact us today for more information about our signature Ferti-lome system.

We’ll make your annual lawn care easy. Call us today!