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Knoxville’s DR Power Equipment Professionals

What marks quality? Powerful performance? Innovative design? Easy functionality. With DR Power brand power equipment, you’ll have all three. DR Power is the premium manufacturer of quality-crafted power tools and garden care equipment that can handle any outdoor landscaping issue. From lawn care to foliage trimming, soil aeration, and bramble cleanup, there’s no job a DR Power item can’t handle. We carry a large inventory of DR Power equipment in our stores, and we’ve seen this brand’s popularity grow with both homeowners and commercial contractors. DR Power offers a reliable warranty on all of its products. We can also special order any select item you’d like and help expedite it to your door. When you want a reliable tool to make your yard beautiful, there’s no better option than DR Power. Pick up your DR Power equipment from Mayo Garden Center today.

man with wood chipper

Power personified

Nothing personifies power better than quality power equipment that’s easy to use and a breeze to maintain and gets hard jobs done in less time. At Mayo Garden Center, we take pride in offering DR Power’s line of quality-made mowers, blowers, tillers, and other lawn and yard care equipment that is powerful to behold and effective in its ability to deliver results. Our inventory of DR Power equipment includes:

  • Field and brush mowers
  • Trimmers
  • Trimmer Mowers
  • Chippers
  • Roto-tillers
  • Power wagons and log splitters
  • Lawn and garden edgers
  • And much more

We can help you find an item that best suits your needs and special order any item you don’t see in our showrooms. We’re Tennessee’s leading DR Power distributor, and we’re here to help you make your yard maintenance as hassle-free as possible. We offer cost-effective pricing and weekly discounts. We also carry a large inventory of seasonal plants, patio furniture, and yard accessories. We have over 140 years of experience selling garden and yard care products, and we’re here to serve you when you need us. Visit our showrooms in Knoxville or Powell or call us today.

man with roto tiller

The DR Power difference

What sets DR Power apart from its competitors is its vast array of lawn and garden care solutions, quality-made craftsmanship, and recognized customer service. At Mayo Garden Center, we only carry brands that have a proven track record of quality and effectiveness. We’re proud to partner with DR Power in supplying Knoxville homeowners with reliable and durable power equipment that is effective in its use and will last for years. All of DR Power’s products come with a warranty, and we can help you select an item that best fits your needs and your budget. Get the most bang for your buck and feel the difference in yard care quality when you purchase DR Power equipment from Mayo Garden Center today.

Give your yard the doctoring it needs. Call us today!