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Knoxville’s Leading Hammock Source Distributor

There’s nothing as comforting or relaxing as lounging in a hammock on your patio or porch. We offer a wide range of quality hammocks that will fit that need for a very cost-effective price. We’re Knoxville, TN’s choice Hammock Source supplier, and we’re proud to offer their quality-crafted hammocks in many styles, sizes, and colors.

Hammock Source was founded on Pawley Island, SC, and was a longtime gold standard for hammocks in the area. After many years of service, Hammock Source grew its operation to include distribution to outlets across the United States. Hammock Source utilizes age-old techniques and modern technology to finely craft hammocks and hammock accessories, and we’re happy to feature many of their hammocks in our showrooms. Visit our stores in Knoxville or Powell today to try out these hammocks and find out why Hammock Source is a great outdoor leisure option.

Pawley Island rope hammock in garden

Not all hammocks are created equal

While you may not think it initially, not all hammocks are created equal. While you can find hammocks at many outdoor stores, most brands have a very short lifespan and are far from comfortable or stable. We provide the finest hammock options available from Hammock Source. Hammock Source’s hammocks are quality-crafted from both natural fibers and resin materials that are recognized for their strength, comfort, and durability. We carry a wide selection of Hammock Source products that include:

  • Pawley’s Island Hammock
  • Rope hammocks
  • Quilted hammocks
  • Soft-weave hammocks
  • Poolside hammocks
  • Sunbrella hammocks and more

We can help you select a hammock that fits your needs, your comfort level, your size, and your budget. Find out more about our hammock selections by visiting our showrooms in Knoxville and Powell today.

hammock tie on the tree

Lounge in comfort and style

Now you can lounge in your outdoor space in comfort and style with Hammock Source’s signature hammock line, including the original Pawley’s Island Hammock. We carry a wide range of their finest hammock products that will fit you and your loved ones with ease. Designed for reliable function and resistant to weathering, fading, ripping, and tearing, these quality hammocks will give your family enjoyment for years to come. As Knoxville’s leading outdoor product supplier, we’re proud to offer a fine collection of hammock and hammock accessories from the Hammock Source, and we’re happy to help you make a selection or special order any specific item. Contact us today for more information.

Cove Pebble Hammock

A wide range of hammock selections

Today’s hammocks are crafted with everyone in mind, and the Hammock Source provides the most hammock options available. From single and double hammocks to sun hammocks, woven hammocks, and hammock swings, the choices are endless. We sell the original Pawley’s Island Hammock, so if you’d like to install a new hammock, visit our showroom and try out the different models we have to offer. When you want a wide range of hammock selections from Hammock Source to choose from, there’s no better store to visit than Mayo Garden Center.

Get the hammock you want. Call us today!