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Quality Lawn Care Guidance in Knoxville, TN

Tennessee is unique in its climate, and Tennessee plants and sod have unique needs not found elsewhere in the country. If you’re new to Tennessee or just new to keeping a healthy lawn or garden, below is some expert guidance on how to ensure your yard looks its best all year long. We’ve helped countless home and garden owners keep their sod, flowers, and foliage healthy and vibrant over the years, and we can provide you with quality-made tools, equipment, and gardening supplies for very reasonable prices. Our team of expert gardeners is happy to serve you and provide even more answers to all your lawn care questions. Contact us today for more information.


Our unique climate zone

Tennessee lies in climate zone 7 of the climate zone spectrum. Our zone is known for its mild winters and hot summers. Temperatures in our area rarely dip below zero, though late August highs can range around 100 degrees. In our transitional zone, cool season grasses tend to die off in the summer and warm season grasses will lie dormant in the winter. Knowing how best to cope with these changes will allow you to keep your lawn looking lush and green throughout most of the year. We offer a wide range of lawn fertilizers, weed killers, and nutrients that will keep the bad growth out and your best blades of grass strong and healthy. We also offer a large selection of choice power equipment to keep your lawns trimmed and tidy. Call or visit our stores in Knoxville or Powell today.

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Important lawn maintenance to consider

As the spring season comes, you’ll want to grow or transplant new grass into your lawn. It’s important to prepare your soil well ahead of time to ensure your sod investment isn’t wasted. First, we recommend having your soil tested to understand your soil’s pH levels and nutrient needs. This can be done by sending a sample of soil to your local county extension office or university soil lab. The results will inform you on how best to pretreat your soil. In many cases, nutrients such as lime or fertilizer will need to be added. Aerating or breaking up your soil with a rototiller (up to 4 inches in depth) is also recommended before you try growing new sod. Rake and prep the soil so it’s graded and even before laying your new sod in staggered rows. Water the new laid sod twice daily until the roots become attached and established in the soil. This amount of watering can be gradually tapered off over time. Expect to mow your new lawn to 1½ inches in the fall to keep it well maintained.

Get the supplements and equipment you need

Even with all the lawn-care knowledge in the world, you still need quality tools and equipment to get the job done. We offer a wide range of mowers, chippers, trimmers, and lawn-care supplements that will ensure you have everything you need to keep your lawns looking great. We have over 140 years of experience helping homeowners manicure their lawns and gardens, and we stand behind every product we sell. Call or visit our stores today to find our latest deals, discounts, and promotions on effective lawn care equipment and quality lawn care supplies.

Get the best gardening supplies with us. Call today!