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Knoxville’s Finest Plants, Trees, and Shrubs Supplier

A yard isn’t just a lawn or even a flowerbed. It’s the entire space. And the feel and look of your yard won’t’ be complete until you buy quality plants, trees, and shrubs from Mayo Garden Center. We carry a large selection of greenery that comes in many varieties and sizes. Whether you want to cover a bare spot in your soil with a bush or give your yard some shade with an oak tree, we’ll ensure you have access to the finest selections of arbors, flowers, and shrubbery in East Tennessee. At Mayo Garden Center, we specialize in lawn and garden care, and we’re proud to offer name-brand quality fertilizers, seeds, plantings, equipment, and even patio furniture that will give your patio, porch, yard, or garden a look you’ll love. Contact us today for more information.

Essential plantings

The finest growth and greenery is the kind that best complements your home’s look and feel. So, when you’re in search of essential plantings, look no further than Mayo Garden Center. We have over 140 years of experience helping homeowners like you find the trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables that best accentuate your home and look amazing on your property. From dogwoods and red maples to irises and petunias, there’s no plant or tree we can’t get for you at a fair price. We also offer a wide selection of seeds, soil, sod, and fertilizers that can ensure your growth is healthy and vibrant. Looking for vegetables? We have everything from tomatoes and pepper to cucumber and lettuce. Just come down to Knoxville’s leading garden supply store, Mayo Garden Center, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Vibrant saplings and shrubs

What makes your saplings, trees, and shrubs vibrant and healthy? Care and quality products from Mayo Garden Center, of course! We can give you the expert guidance you need to care for your new growth well beyond the first few weeks, and we offer a wide range of maintenance products, food, and fertilizers that will ensure you see the growth you want over time. We specialize in yard and garden supplies, and we’re always happy to share our knowledge with our customers. Get the most out of your green thumb by visiting Mayo Garden Center today.

Quality foliage

From rose bushes and daylilies to heavenly Leyland Cypress trees and Japanese Maples, we have the foliage you want for prices you’ll love. Our inventory of fresh and healthy foliage includes local favorites as well as national and international imports that can give your garden an exotic feel. We also carry a large variety of power equipment to keep your foliage trimmed and neat. Our equipment includes blowers, mowers, trimmers, tillers, edgers, and much more. All our products are guaranteed to satisfy, and we’re happy to give you guidance on best practices or gardening tips on request. Get the goods you need and guidance you’ll want for your garden when you visit Mayo Garden Center in Knoxville, TN, or Powell, TN.

Give your yard the greenery you want. Call us today!