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Knoxville’s Pro-Gold SCAG Dealership

When you want a quality mower for your yard, there’s no better choice than SCAG. As Knoxville’s only Pro-Gold SCAG dealership, we have a huge selection of models on hand, and we can get any of their models within 2 days. From standing and sitting mowers to walk-behind and classic mowers, we have mowers that work with properties of all sizes. For over 30 years, SCAG has been the industry leader in lawnmowers and mowing accessories and has crafted “simply the best” equipment throughout the United States. SCAG’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, and innovation have led them to become one of the top manufacturers in the field, and we’re proud to partner with them in offering exceptional quality mowers at cost-effective prices. Visit our showrooms in Knoxville or Powell today to see our latest models or to special order your SCAG mower.


scag tiger

Effective mowers and mowing accessories

SCAG offers a wide assortment of quality mowers and mowing accessories, and we’re happy to supply them to customers like you. Our SCAG inventory includes:

  • Zero-turn rider mowers
  • Stand-on mowers
  • Walk-behind mowers
  • Grass catchers
  • Tiger stripers
  • Mulching kits
  • Mulch plates
  • Light kits
  • Suspension seats
  • Hitches, cup holders, and more

We offer a wide range of SCAG mower options to choose from, and we also sell quality pre-owned SCAG equipment at discount prices. No matter the size of the lawn or the size of the job, you can be assured you’ll complete it with ease when you use a SCAG mower. Are you looking for financing options? We can help! We offer 0% interest for 48 months on select SCAG power equipment. Call us today.

scag standing

Comprehensive models and sizes

When it comes to lawn mowing, you’ll want to pick a mower that is effective in landscaping your lawn, powerful, easy to use, and easy to maintain. SCAG fits the bill in all these categories. SCAG offers unparalleled power and ease of use in each of its models, and its quality craftsmanship ensures you’ll be able to keep your mower going strong for decades to come. Whether you’re trimming one square foot of grass or thousands of acres, a SCAG will get the job done right. We offer a huge selection of SCAG mowers and mower accessories at very reasonable prices. Stop by our stores in Knoxville or Powell today to find a SCAG mower that’s right for you.

women with scag mower

Quality crafted and reliable

SCAG is a name synonymous with quality craftsmanship, reliable products, and excellent customer service. When you purchase a SCAG mower, you’re purchasing quality you can depend on. These finely crafted machines are built to withstand heavy use and rough terrain. We’re proud to be a Pro-Gold SCAG dealership, and we can help you select a model that meets your needs and your budget. We have over 140 years of experience serving homeowners throughout Knox County, and we’ll ensure you’re happy with your purchase. At Mayo Garden Center, you’ll always get the best deals on reliable power equipment and lawn care supplies. Call or visit us today.

Call or visit our showrooms today.