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Knox County’s Snapper Pro Equipment Center

You’re a professional; you don’t have one lawn to care for, you have hundreds. Your livelihood depends on your ability to deliver quality landscaping, and the wisest landscapers know that when they want to deliver quality to their clients, they use Snapper Pro. Snapper Pro is the undisputed leader in commercial grade lawn-care power equipment. Their inventory of high-end, innovative mowers and attachments are finely crafted to last for decades and the wear and tear of almost constant use. At Mayo Garden Center, we’re happy to provide professionals like you with quality Snapper pro equipment at very reasonable prices. We also carry a large selection of parts, attachments, and add-ons to ensure you can meet your clients’ needs. Call us today for more information or to special order an item.

man with lawn mower in garden

Where innovation meets common sense

Snapper Pro implements powerful engine choices, heavy-duty components, and innovative technology into every product they fabricate, and when you need a smart choice for your professional landscaping needs, Snapper Pro is your best bet. At Mayo Garden Center, we listen to our customers and give feedback to our manufacturers, helping them to continue to address the needs of their clients. At Mayo Garden Center, we can help you select a Snapper Pro mower that’s right for your needs and your budget. We offer affordable financing, and we stand behind every product we sell. Contact us today to learn more.

man with lawn mower in garden

Professional quality equipment

When you were a kid mowing the neighbor’s lawns for a few bucks, using your dad’s old mower was fine. But with time and experience comes wisdom, and you know that if you want to maximize your time and your profits, you need to use professional-quality equipment that can handle the job quickly and effectively. At Mayo Garden Center, we offer a wide array of power equipment to help you get the job done on time, as promised. We offer affordable pricing, and our team of lawn care experts will be happy to answer all of your questions. Are you looking into a Snapper Pro mower? Visit our showroom at Powell or Knoxville to check it out in person or call us today.

man with lawn mower in garden

Snapper Pro attachments

Snapper pro offers many mower attachments and add-ons that professionals want at very cost-effective prices. Our inventory of Snapper Pro attachments includes:

  • Grass catchers
  • Mulch and light kits
  • Armrests and suspension seating
  • Trailer hitches, and professional stripe kits
  • And much more

At Mayo Garden Center, we understand your time is limited, so if we don’t have an accessory in stock, we’ll ensure it gets to you as quickly as possible with our special ordering process. We strive to meet each of our customers’ needs with a professional attitude and knowledgeable service, and we’re happy to serve you when you need us.

Get the commercial power equipment you need. Call us today!