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Knoxville’s Trusted STIHL Power Equipment Provider

When you buy a STIHL, you’re buying the power to get the job done right. STIHL’s gas-powered gardening equipment utilizes classic designs, reliable craftsmanship, and improved-on standards to give you the tools that will get the work done right in less time and for less money. We offer a wide range of STIHL products that include:

Chainsaws and hand tools
Trimmers and brush cutters
Blowers and shredders
Pressure washers
Lawnmowers and hedge trimmers
Battery powered equipment
And much more

When you need to get the work done reliably, there’s only one choice to consider: STIHL. We carry many of their products in our showrooms, and we can special order any specific item upon request. Call us today.

hand wood cutting machine

Gas-powered efficiency

Gas-powered efficiency is a hallmark of STIHL quality-made power equipment. We see a large number of professional landscapers and do-it-yourselfers come in specifically for STIHL equipment and with good reason. STIHL is reliable under daily wear and tear, consistent with its ability to perform, and affordable enough to match any budget. STIHL products are all backed by a rock-solid warranty and can cut your yard labor time in half. They will also double their warranty on all 2-cycle products if you purchase a 6-pack of STIHL Synthetic Oil when you purchase your equipment. Whether you’re looking to trim the hedges or break up that wild growth in the backyard, STIHL tools are always an excellent choice.

man with lawn mower

Reliable results

Reliability is the foundation on which STIHL built their brand. We’re proud to offer STIHL’s most reliable equipment and garden care accessories at cost-effective prices. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or weekend project warrior, we can help you select the right STIHL product to meet your needs at a price you won’t be able to pass up. We’re a licensed STIHL distributor, and our staff has the answers you need to make an informed buying decision. Want to special order a STIHL item? We can expedite delivery, and we’ll ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase. Reliability comes standard when you buy STIHL power equipment at Mayo Garden Center today.

stihl power equipment

Our limited warranty

STIHL is one of the few brands that not only stands behind their products but also offers a limited warranty on many of their products. STIHL’s brand durability means you can use their equipment with flawless precision and expect perfect operation for years. STIHL products require minimal maintenance and are built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use for decades. At Mayo Garden Center, we believe that our brand offerings should always have this kind of reliable backing, and we’re proud to partner with STIHL in offering top-quality power equipment at very reasonable prices. Would you like to know more? Visit one of our showrooms in Knoxville or Powell or call us today to hear about our latest featured products and special sales.

Our STIHL line is ready to serve. Call us today!